Traits of Happy Couples


When looking at the characteristics of happy marriages, long-term studies of couples indicate that happy couples share a few key characteristics. These couples weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. However, they did regularly participate in behaviors that gave their relationship a strong foundation from which they could meet life’s challenges.

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Your Brain on Exercise


It’s no surprise that exercise has been demonstrated, by a plethora of scientific evidence, to be healthy for us.

It can preserve muscle function, keep the heart healthy, maintain healthy body weight, and help hold off chronic diseases.

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Swimming, Everyone Benefits


PRO Aquatics believes all children should learn how to swim, and those on the autism spectrum are no exception. Children are naturally inquisitive and drawn to water, so it’s of utmost importance that they know what to do if they intentionally or accidentally enter the water.

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Healthy Rewards for Kids


Using food as a reward is solidly part of our cultural climate, in which achievements and social events are marked by eating. Many of the foods we use as rewards have little or no nutritional value, but are quick and easy, cheap, and can help reinforce short-term behavior change.

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