Common Yoga Myths


For as long as yoga has been around, there have been myths surrounding it. Here are some common myths about yoga and why they are not at all true. MYTH 1: You have to be flexible to practice yoga This is one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga, and it’s precisely the reason why you […]

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5 Tips to Up Your Running Game


Set Specific Goals Generally the more specific they are, the more successful you’ll be at reaching your goals. This can be done by adding distance (e.g. tack on a mile to your longest run), making it time-related (e.g. run a 5K in under 25 minutes), or making it frequency-related (e.g. add an additional training run […]

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6 Reasons to Get Serious About Strength Training


Physical activity shares many similarities to pharmacological treatments. It has been proven to elicit many powerful physiological changes in the body that are beneficial to your health. In fact, you can think of physical activity, especially strength training, as a medical prescription to your overall health and fitness. Consider the following benefits from strength training […]

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Low Impact Workouts For Large Outcomes


Don’t confuse “low impact” with “easy.” There’s a time and place for low-impact exercise, even among the most well-seasoned athletes. Whether you’re cross training for an otherwise strenuous exercise regimen, returning to exercise after an injury or illness, or suffer from arthritis or joint pain, low-impact exercises can help you lose weight, gain strength, improve […]

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