Spring Clean Your Nutrition Routine with SMART Goals

Spring is not just for cleaning up your home. Maybe it’s time you also look at modifying your diet to incorporate more foods that support overall health and lifestyle balance. All too frequently, individuals try one fad diet after another hoping that one will magically help them lose weight, improve their fitness, or resolve an underlying health condition. However, that is why these are fad diets.

Fad diets often over promise for lackluster results. Therefore, when you want to spring clean your nutrition, it is helpful to come up with two to three SMART goals rather than one huge diet overhaul. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.

Below is a list of sample goals that you can use to help spring clean your nutrition. These goals will also help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals. I encourage you to modify these ideas to match your individual needs.

  • I will eat one vegetable at each meal every day.
  • I will place a water bottle in my car, on my desk, and by my bed to help with hydration.
  • I will try one new food each week for a month.
  • I will go for a 20 minute walk 3 times per week.
  • I will aim for making 1/3 of my plate veggies at dinner time.
  • I will eat a snack between lunch and dinner on weekdays.
  • I will add in 1 new form of exercise in this month.
  • I will eat one protein source with each meal and snack.

When looking at this list of SMART goals, notice that each one has a key factor. The goal can be controlled by you. Frequently, goals such as a specific weight on the scale by a certain date or a specific type of diet to follow, are difficult to achieve and regulate. This often leads to disappointment and reduced motivation.

Using this goal setting process to make small but achievable goals promotes self-confidence and higher motivation to keep going with your plan. Take control of your health by finding which SMART goals work best for you. Remember, spring cleaning doesn’t get done in one day. Use these ideas to check in with yourself and find what works best for your personal health and lifestyle goals.

Written by: Corrin Kalinich, MS, RD, CD, PRO Medical

Corrin is a Registered Dietitian who actively supports 20/20 Lifestyles clients and the public on their journeys to become healthier through nutrition. With expertise in weight management and metabolic disorders, she focuses on teaching clients how to eat mindfully, and create long-lasting change. She is guided by the belief that food is medicine and that healthy eating habits are much easier to manage when healthy food is accessible. She believes that a nutritious diet supports both the body and mind and strives to make healthy eating manageable for every client.

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