Get Fired up for TRX POWER

A class review of TRX POWER by Marissa Rackner

From the moment I stepped into the studio, I knew this was going to be a unique workout class because of the unfamiliar equipment in the room. There were TRX bands hanging from the bars attached to the ceiling and members were grabbing weights and balance balls. 

While I’ve seen TRX bands before, I never knew how to use them. Clearly looking confused, members were quick to give me a warm welcome. They helped me set up my TRX band and gave me a few quick-tips before the music turned on. 

The class started with a dynamic warm-up, followed by cardio, core and finishing with strength. The layout and pace of the class was perfect for beginners. However, like all classes at PRO, it can be easily customizable to make it as hard as you want. Adding heavier weights and leaning farther back with the TRX band are things you can do to make the class more difficult.

One aspect of the class I enjoyed was the balance ball. Lifting weights while trying to balance on a platform was a workout technique I’ve never tried. It was challenging but felt good on my joints, even when doing squats.

This is a great class if you want to switch up your usual workout routine. Adding it to your routine once or twice a week is great cross-training because it will work different muscles than you’re used to, ultimately, making you stronger.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I wasn’t staring at the clock the whole time to see how much time was left and I may or may not have been mouthing the words to the upbeat music. The class left me excited to go back and improve my TRX skills. 

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