Have a Fitness Goal? SHRED It!

By Staci Alden, PRO Group Fitness Director If you’re thinking about improving your fitness, join a 10-week enrollment class and start working toward your goals now. You’ll increase your cardiovascular endurance, fat loss, strength and lean muscle mass in PRO Club’s signature class, SHRED. Your registration also includes body composition testing to track your progress […]

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5 Reasons to Try Barre


Chances are you’ve heard about barre, the fitness phenomenon developed by dancer, Lotte Berk.
It seems everyone from professional football players to celebrities to your next-door neighbor is taking barre classes.
You too can benefit from adding PRObarre to your fitness routine.

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Just Dance!


According to the study, dancing helps improve the brain more than any other physical activity. The research showed that it reduced the risk of dementia by 76 percent – that’s more than reading, crosswords, biking, golfing, or swimming.

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