5 Reasons to Try Barre


Chances are you’ve heard about barre, the fitness phenomenon developed by dancer, Lotte Berk.
It seems everyone from professional football players to celebrities to your next-door neighbor is taking barre classes.
You too can benefit from adding PRObarre to your fitness routine.

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Just Dance!


According to the study, dancing helps improve the brain more than any other physical activity. The research showed that it reduced the risk of dementia by 76 percent – that’s more than reading, crosswords, biking, golfing, or swimming.

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Low Impact Workouts For Large Outcomes


Don’t confuse “low impact” with “easy.” There’s a time and place for low-impact exercise, even among the most well-seasoned athletes. Whether you’re cross training for an otherwise strenuous exercise regimen, returning to exercise after an injury or illness, or suffer from arthritis or joint pain, low-impact exercises can help you lose weight, gain strength, improve […]

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