Back to Basics

Most of us don’t think about our back unless it’s giving us pain – and 75 percent of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. This can range from a “strain” that leaves us feeling tight and sore, to a back that’s completely “out,” which likely involves ligamentous injury, discal insult, […]

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Your Core Strength

As humans, we love to move, and core strength is a vital part of movement. From golfing to downhill skiing, and even standing up, the core muscles in our anterior (front) and posterior (back) help control our coordination and can improve our lives.

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6 Reasons to Get Serious About Strength Training


Physical activity shares many similarities to pharmacological treatments. It has been proven to elicit many powerful physiological changes in the body that are beneficial to your health. In fact, you can think of physical activity, especially strength training, as a medical prescription to your overall health and fitness. Consider the following benefits from strength training […]

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