Feed Your Skin


Love the idea of having younger, more vibrant skin? It’s all about your skin care routine-but this one doesn’t require you to buy fancy creams. It’s simple, defy the again process by reducing or eliminating added sugar in your diet. Collagen, an important protein that gives skin its strength and texture, decreases as we age. […]

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Are Dietary Supplements Necessary?


Americans spend billions of dollars on alternative medicine each year and much of this goes toward nutritional supplements. A common question that often arises is, “If I eat a healthy diet, do I REALLY need additional supplements?” The answer to that question is personal and individualized. Of course, dietary supplements should not be counted on […]

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Telomeres- Nature’s Cellular Clock


Despite the many, profound differences we have as human beings, we can all relate to the effects of aging. Perhaps it’s the wrinkles on our face that weren’t there just last year, or the gray streaks in our hair that seem to be multiplying day by day. Or maybe, it’s just a general feeling of […]

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Are You Low in Gear? (For Men)


Many men are confronted with the reality of their bodies changing as they age. These changes might be the result of declining levels of the hormone,testosterone, which can occur as one enters their 30’s. Typically, a man begins to lose testosterone at a rate of 1-2 percent a year. To put this in perspective, most […]

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Feel Good with Natural Progesterone


When menopause begins, progesterone is one of the first hormones to plummet, often leading to symptoms such as anxiety, weepiness, irritability, and insomnia. However, this hormone has many roles other than its involvement in the menstrual cycle. In women, progesterone is made primarily by the ovaries. In men, it is made in the testes. In […]

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Tips to Look Younger


Aging is inevitable, but looking aged is not! You can look age-appropriate, but still fresh and vibrant with some beauty and lifestyle tips in order to look younger. Here are some ways to keep the noticeable signs of aging at bay without truing to surgery. SKIN Smooth it out A good at-home skincare regimen is […]

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