Getting back to your training routine

As we re-enter the gym, you may have found that your training goals have changed in the past few months. Maybe your focus now becomes weight loss, decreased pain, or perhaps preparing yourself for some new hobbies!

Before heading into the gym, there are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself.

1. Set realistic expectations

2. Be ready to adapt to new time constraints and equipment availability

3. Use this time to reprioritize your training goals

As you are getting ready for your first training session back at PRO Club, what should you expect?

While the gym has not changed (except for some social distancing measures), your body most likely has. Maybe you feel a little more stiff than normal, or you have developed back pain from working at your home office. Unfortunately, these are expected outcome of reduced physical activity.

Taking some time to work on mobility and movement prep before training can make a huge impact on your return. The other expectation that may need to be reset is your strength, because if you don’t use it, you lose it. This does not mean that you will be starting back at square one, but that you should use discretion during your first few sessions to avoid injury and extreme soreness. Limiting your training volume will be important until your body becomes accustomed to the training demand you had pre-quarantine.

Whatever your goals are, it is important that you factor them in to your training. And if you are working with a trainer, to let your trainer know what your new goals are. That way they can create the most effective workout plan for you.

As we all know, adaptability during this time is key and this relates to your training as well. As mentioned, you are still able to access the same equipment at PRO Club. However, because the time before and after your training session is now limited, it will be helpful to think about the parts of your workout that can be done at home.

I recommend the home activities to be simple, quick, and relatively risk free. Some things you can do at home include foam rolling, stretching/ mobility work, and movement prep before or after training.

If you feel like you would like to add even more to your home routine, you can always reach out to a personal trainer about programming sessions. This will allow the trainer to write an individualized plan for you with the equipment that you have available.

The last three months have been rough on physical fitness and I can assure that your personal trainer misses you very much! And while times have been tough, this hopefully will allow you to reset both mentally and physically.

With the proper precautions, your return to the gym can be quick and painless. If you feel unsure about where to begin, reach out to a PRO Club Personal Trainer and take advantage of your two complementary sessions. We look forward to seeing you back in the club soon!

By Bree Rowe M.S., Personal Trainer at PRO Club

As a Division 1 Rugby player and outdoor enthusiast, Bree has made fitness a defining factor in her life. Her purpose is to keep you motivated to improve life! She has worked as an exercise specialist in rehab, assisted living facilities, and in a university setting. She is passionate about taking a whole-body approach to fitness for clients of all levels.

She is a certified rock-climbing instructor and recently finished a manual on how to train for rock climbing. Bree is a friendly and caring trainer that will do whatever it takes to see you succeed. Outside of work Bree enjoys hiking with her dog, rock climbing, and finding the newest local brewery.

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