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As fall quickly approaches we are excited to share our fall updates and schedule additions. Join us for new classes, workshops and events with PRO’s superstar instructors.


Youth/Teenage Karate (ages 8+)

Saturdays, 9 – 9:55 am
September 11 – October 30 

Located in the Yoga Studio
This class includes Karate safety, awareness, and basic skills for youth at all ability levels, developing a strong self-image and positive attitude.  Register at the Front Desk.  

30-Minute Stretch

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8 – 8:25 am
Located in the FitLab Studio | Free
Need a quick, full body stretch after your workout? This class is for you! We all know that stretching at the end of your workout is important, but we don’t prioritize it or know where to begin. Stretching improves your flexibility and range of motion, helping to prevent injuries and makes you feel better. This class offers simple stretches to get you in, out, and on your way feeling great. 

BollyWorks Fitness Gharba Celebration Series

Preview Class: first week of September
5 weeks, September 19 – October 17 

Drop-In:  $6 per class using GroupEx Paid Package
Enrollment: $4 per class, $20 for 5 weeks
Enroll by purchasing the BollyWorks Package or using your GroupEx Paid Package to drop-in on Studio Bookings
Celebrate the season of Gharba, enjoy fun Bollywood dancing while exercising your entire body. From the warm-up to the cool down, energetic Bollywood music will motivate you to burn calories while having a blast!

NEW! 360 Fit 7-Week Enrollment Class

NEW! 360 Fit 7-Week Enrollment Class 7 Weeks, September 13 – October 29 
Monday and Friday, 7:30 am with Janelle
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 am with Miho
Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30 pm with Staci

360 Fit provides an approach to fitness that is both well-rounded and not intimidating. Enrollment includes two 360 Fit classes each week, body composition and fitness testing to track your progress, a 5-class package for additional classes including Yoga and Pilates, and an awesome t-shirt. The 360 Fit classes focus on the five pillars of fitness, including muscular endurance, cardio endurance, muscular power, cardio power (HIIT) and mind-body. After seven weeks of consistent coaching and mentoring in this expert-led class, expect to feel stronger, leaner, and more confident.

Check out the exciting options for your five additional classes:
Monday, 9:30 – 10:25 am, POWER R/DE with Janelle
Monday, 9:30 – 10:25 am, PROBarre with Donna
Monday, 10 – 10:55 am, Fit Lab 3 with Sei
Tuesday, 6:30 – 7:20 am, Ultimate 6-Pack Workout with Olga
Tuesday, Pilates Mat, 10 – 10:55 am with Jen
Tuesday, Pilates Reformer, 5 – 5:55 pm with Paria
Wednesday, 10 – 10:55 am, Fit Lab 2 with Paul
Thursday, 6:30 – 7:20 am, Ultimate 6-Pack Workout with Olga
Thursday, Pilates Mat, 10 – 10:55 am with Maria
Thursdays, Pilates Reformer, 5 – 5:55 pm with Mireille
Thursdays REV/C Indoor Cycling and Strength 12 – 12:55 pm with Kay
Thursdays, Pilates Reformer, 5 – 5:55 pm with Mireille
Thursdays REV/C Indoor Cycling and Strength 12 – 12:55 pm with Kay


Pilates Reformer for Beginners Workshop 

Sunday, September 19, 12 – 2 pm
Pilates Reformer Studio | $50
Pilates with or without equipment is all about deep core activation, total body coordination, breath and more.  Taking those movement principles and various exercises to the equipment takes the Pilates experience to a new level. Join us for an introductory Pilates workshop on the Reformer. Along with an overview of the equipment, you will get the chance to practice a few common exercises taught in class. Enrollment and attendance of this workshop comes with one free private introductory Pilates session. 

Yoga for Beginners Workshop 

Sunday, October 10, 12 – 2 pm
Studio B | $50 
Whether you’ve never rolled out a yoga mat, you’d just like to refresh some of the basics, you’ve been away from the mat for some time, or you want to introduce a friend or family member to yoga, this is the workshop for you!


Join us as we showcase 10 signature group classes with PRO Club superstar instructors, collect swag and break for sips and snacks. Start with ZUMBA® and BollyWorks Fitness, then progress through the PRO Club studios while sampling mini-class workouts. Finish on a HIGH note with HIGH Fitness. You’ll experience 10 Signature Classes:

Restorative Yoga
BollyWorks Fitness
HIGH Fitness
Rev/C Indoor Cycling
Fit Lab
360 Fit
Ultimate 6-Pack
Pilates Reformer & Mat

Ages 14+ PRO Club Members and Non-Members are welcome, bring a friend!

$15 for Members
$20 Non-members

Click here to purchase tickets.

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