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High Fitness at PRO Club, a review by Marissa Rackner

Calling all pop music lovers! If you’re in need of relieving stress, getting a great workout, and forgetting your problems for an hour, this is the class for you. 

I walked into Studio B at 9:30 am, half asleep, dehydrated from my morning coffee and stressed about my day ahead. This feeling did not last long. When the first song of the class was Dua Lipa, I knew this was my type of class. I’m a sucker for female empowerment pop music so it wasn’t hard for me to break my shell and start dancing. 

Although I was born way later than the 80s, I would describe this class as a modern 80’s aerobics class. Halfway through the class I was ready to put my leotard and legwarmers on. Come to class dressed in bright colors and you may receive a shout out from the amazing instructors.  

Not only was the class a physical workout, but it was also a workout for the brain. You have to move quick to keep up with the choreography. The dances follow a pattern so the key to staying on beat is remembering the routine. 

Each song has the same choreography wherever you go. If you do a HIGH fitness class on the east coast, it’ll feel just like you’re at PRO Club in Bellevue. 

However, don’t be intimidated by the fast pace of the workout. All the moves can be modified to be low-impact or you can ditch the choreography and dance how you want. The instructor and the class participants inspire you to just move.  

 I enjoyed the mix between cardio and toning in the workout. One second I was doing burpees and squats, the next I was swinging my arms and moving my hips side to side. After doing two high-cardio songs back to back, the toning songs feel like a reward and a time to catch your breath.  

After the class was finished, it didn’t take me long to go onto the PRO Club website to reserve my next class. I’m looking forward to staring at myself in a mirror for an hour and pretending I’m training for Dancing with the Stars.

HIGH Fitness is offered at PRO Club Bellevue several times per week with a variety of instructors.  Check out the class schedule here.  The fee for the class is included with membership. 

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