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Class review by Marissa Rackner

While I have a background in cycling, it’s been years since I’ve taken a spin class in a workout studio. I signed up for Power Ride with Janelle V.  last minute with no idea what to expect. When I walked into the studio, I snuck straight to the back row where I felt “safe” from all the advanced riders. 

If you’re a beginner to cycling, I recommend arriving to class five to ten minutes early.  This allows time to introduce yourself to the instructor and have them adjust the bike to fit your measurements. If you skip this step, then you’re more at risk for injury or will endure an uncomfortable ride. 

There was an even mix of pedals that were for clip-in cycle shoes and pedals where you can slide your regular workout shoe into. Cycle shoes are recommended but not necessary for this class. I didn’t have cycle shoes and I got through the class with no foot discomfort. 

There were plenty of fans in the room to blow cool air around during the ride. I find it uncomfortable when the room gets too hot so I was relieved that there was enough breeze to keep me cool while also maintaining a nice sweat. 

For the actual riding portion of the class, I was physically not prepared. I had just gotten back from a long vacation so my cardio level was maxed out after 20 minutes and I was still feeling jet-lagged. Little did I know, the class was an hour long instead of the typical 45 minute cycle ride. I was in for a rude awakening. 

While my cardio level was sub-par, I was still able to modify the class to cater towards a beginner rider. The benefit of a dark room and sitting in the back row is that no one can see you. It’s up to you how hard you want to make the class.

 If you want to give it your all for the full hour and sit at the front, that’s great. If you want to sit in the back, enjoy the music and ride at your own pace, which is what I ended up doing, that works too. No matter how you choose to take the class, the most important part is that you showed up and did your best. 

With upbeat music and colorful LED lights to go along with the mood of the songs, I was able to stay engaged and motivated for the full hour ride. I will definitely be signing up for another class in the near future, but maybe when I’m less jetlagged. 

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