The Pilates Reformer Vs. The Megaformer

A recent trend to surface in the fitness industry involves something called the “Megaformer.” Though this piece of equipment may look and sound new, it actually is modeled after a piece of equipment with deep roots in the fitness world, known as the Pilates Reformer.

How do They Differ?

Surprisingly, the Pilates Reformer can do everything a Megaformer can do… and more. One of the main differences is the height customizeation. The traditional Pilates Reformer can even be customized for height, whereas the Megaformer is more stationary in its settings. Both machines have spring-loaded tension that activates various muscles at once in a low impact way. That said, the movements provided in a Pilates Reformer workout move with flow from the center out, versus the movements found in most Megaformer classes focuses on larger muscle groups doing high repetitions and extended holds.

The goal of Pilates Reformer is to work the whole body from many different angles and planes of motion with strength and flexibility movements combined. Megaformer classes focus most of their movements in the Sagittal and Frontal planes, but rarely include twisting and side bending combinations. The lack of spinal movement in a Megaformer class removes the spinal elongation and postural chain activation that is emphasized in a Pilates Reformer class to build awareness, strength and endurance of the core and trunk muscles.

Written By Staci Alden, PRO Sports Club Group Fitness Manager and Beth Lippman, Pilates Master Instructor .

At PRO Sports Club, we offer several Pilates Reformer classes per day, with a maximum enrollment of 8 participants, where most Megaformer classes have sometimes over 15 participants with one instructor. The Pilates Reformer classes we offer are instructed by teachers with comprehensive Pilates certifications who teach both Private and Group sessions, with hundreds of hours of experience training and teaching with various Pilates machines. The Pilates Reformer classes at PRO Sports Club are programmed based on the participants in the class. All levels are welcome and instructors are able to be creative with their exercises and teaching style.

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