Are Pilates Classes Worth the Hype?

Written by Marissa Rackner

It seems as though everyone is doing Pilates these days. Is Pilates only a trend or is it here to stay? In this article all questions surrounding Pilates classes will be answered, plus tips on how to get the most out of your Pilates class at PRO

Models and celebrities such as, Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner, “swear” by Pilates. They claim it’s how they achieve their long and lean physique. Since Pilates has gained a large following in the past couple of years, is Pilates only a trend or is it here to stay? Also, can you achieve fitness results from just doing Pilates? 

Pilates was created in the 1920s and was used as a way of healing for soldiers returning from war or for dancers who were hard on their bodies. Pilates is used to improve strength, flexibility and become more in-tune with your body. 

There are typically three ways to perform Pilates; on a mat, on a reformer machine, or in a private session with various specialized equipment including the Cadillac. Mat Pilates only requires yourself and maybe a few pieces of equipment for added resistance such as, hand weights or a magic circle (a small ring to help with balance). Reformer Pilates on the other hand, is a bit more complex. It’s performed on a small machine that has multiple aspects to it. You can also add or remove resistance to adjust to your level. 

PRO Club requires a “Perfect Start” introductory session before taking the Pilates reformer class or enrolling in private Pilates sessions. This is a one-on-one tutorial that demonstrates how the reformer machine works, basic terminology, and an introduction to other Pilates equipment. In order to set you up for success on your first class, the trainer runs through the basic moves you perform in the Pilates class so you can get the most out of class. 

It’s recommended to wear something comfortable and breathable such as, yoga pants or biker shorts. You will be on your back sometimes with your legs raised so wear tight clothing. Since the class is not high intensity, bring a jacket or long sleeve to warm-up. While it’s not required to wear socks in the class, it’s recommended to wear socks with grippers on the bottom so you don’t slip. 

Everyone’s bodies are different, so results differ from person to person. Posture may be improved, which gives the effect of a longer and leaner torso. It also strengthens and tightens the core because almost all Pilates moves require core engagement. Pilates is a great workout to slow down your typical fast-paced life and become in-tune with your body. The slower movements require great focus and muscular strength which causes you to block out everyday life and focus solely on your body and mind. 

Bottom line: Pilates is a great way to strengthen muscles one would usually miss by just lifting weights. However, it’s recommended to add in other workouts as well. For those who need a cardio boost in their day, it’s recommended to do Pilates two to three times a week and cardio on the other days. Also, in order to not get burned out of a workout, it’s great to switch it up during the week in general. 

If you’re interested in Pilates reformer, sign up for your Perfect Start session here. If you’re more intrigued with the Pilates mat class reserve your class here. 

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