My Best 10: Lisa’s Story

As a mom of four, much of my time is spent managing hectic schedules. This often includes lots of planning, driving, and traveling locally and afar. However, at times, I felt like a victim to my schedule. I wanted to learn what I could do to feel and look strong and confident, and keep up with my kids. My goal was to find my fittest self and equip myself for success.

My exercise consisted of playing a little tennis. That was all. While I had modified my diet by eliminating some processed foods, dairy and gluten, I didn’t really know how to eat well or control portion sizes. I was ready to not only lose the extra weight, start training again, and clean up my diet, but I also wanted to update my look. My Best 10 seemed like the perfect choice.

I loved the program! I enjoyed the comprehensive approach. All the components of the program tied together helped me achieve my goals. The life coaching I received helped me put everything into a realistic framework that made sense for my life. I learned to not only juggle my family’s schedule, but to plan for my needs as well. My PRO Personal Trainer kept me coming back even after the program had ended. He was patient when he needed to be, encouraging during the rough spots, and ready to push me to the next level when I was ready. I loved it and continue to train with him three times a week.

I don’t feel like a victim anymore. I have the tools, confidence and determination to keep working on myself. I made some significant improvements and personal discoveries those first few weeks that helped get me to where I am today. I’m lighter, leaner and excited to keep on improving and setting new goals. I added yoga to my weekly routine and my tennis game has improved significantly. I have more energy, and gone are the aches I used to have.

If there’s one thing I fall back upon daily, it’s to remind myself that I owe myself “My Best 10.” Those three little words help get me through a lot. When I don’t want to exercise, I tell myself, “You can do anything for 10 minutes. Give it a My Best 10.” Funny thing is that once I start, it usually lasts longer than 10 minutes, even though I’ve given myself permission to stop after 10 minutes. Or if I get tempted by a poor food choice, I wait it out at least 10 minutes. Usually, the desire subsides. Whether it’s 10 minutes of fitness, 10 minutes to contemplate a food choice, 10 weeks to work on a goal, or 10 weeks to improve myself, I always try to remind myself that I owe it to myself and my family to always aspire to be My Best 10!

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