My Best 10: Pilar’s Story

While I’ve always led an active and healthy life, a few years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). This disease is something you live with and manage throughout your life. I decided that MS didn’t have to dictate my lifestyle or limit my goals and ambitions. I could choose to be proactive in managing my wellness, and the My Best 10 program became an important ally in that choice.

As a wife, mother of two teenage girls, and full-time management consultant, I lead a full life. Having put on a few extra pounds over the years, I was motivated to stop this upward trend.

More importantly, I was inspired to prevent the progress of this disease. My Best 10 gave me a whole new set of tools to do so. The nutritional advice I received from the PRO Medical Dietitians along with a consistent exercise program became just as important for my wellness as the medical treatment I received. Engaging in physical activity and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle are important for my brain health and central nervous system.

The program was both intense and luxurious. The My Best 10 team supported and helped me with everything, including managing all my appointments on my already busy schedule.

My always-smiling PRO Personal Trainer was my sunshine at 5 a.m., making my workouts fun and giving me a positive start to my day. I never missed an appointment with her and have continued training with her even after the program ended.

What makes me happiest is that I remain in remission and symptom-free. The program has helped both what you see on the outside and also what you cannot see inside. Even my brain looks healthier. An updated brain MRI compared to one taken at the start of the program shows stability and no evidence of active disease. In fact, no changes in my therapy were recommended and I didn’t even need to meet with my neurologist. This is huge considering that prior to the program, my doctors were adamant that I begin more aggressive medical therapy.

I couldn’t be more thrilled! There are many factors that contributed to my success including an on-going commitment to myself, a supportive family, gaining the knowledge of balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and more.

While I cannot control life and my situation, I can control my attitude, my actions, and the choices I make. My Best 10 helped empower me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to make healthy choices. I highly recommend My Best 10 for any woman who wants to manage her health – and feel beautiful while doing so.

Reclaim your best 10. Learn more about the My Best 10 Program at PRO Club here.

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