Your Guide to Luminous Summer Beauty


The long summer days and warm weather are the perfect time to enjoy some relaxation, recreation, and self-renewal. Follow these tips to keep yourself looking as good as you feel.


Have fun experimenting with new hair colors and styles. Be sure to deep condition your hair at least once a week, especially if you swim or spend a lot of time outdoors. Hair tends to become dry and dull, and brittle if soaked and dried too often. Deep conditioning and scalp treatments also help tame frizzy hair.


Your skin is unique. Your facial should be as well. Our highly skilled estheticians will design the ultimate treatment for your optimal skin health with a Personalized Facial. Depending on the current condition of your skin, this extensive treatment may also include advanced skincare therapy such as Microcurrent facial toning, Microdermabrasion, or a chemical peel. If you wish, facial waxing and eyelash tinting may also be included. Switch to a lighter moisturizer to keep your pores clear and avoid blemishes.

When it comes to summer makeup, less is better. Start with a mineral makeup which includes SPF protection. Brush on bronzer for a healthy natural glow.

The secret to a sun-kissed look is to avoid applying too much, using a circular motion, and focusing on areas that the sun would naturally hit- the cheekbones, forehead, and chin. For the finishing touch, add some eyeliner and lip gloss.


A little bit of sun can’t hurt, can it? Think again. Tanning is great for leather, but not for delicate skin. A tan is actually a sign of damage as aging UVA rays attack the skin’s collagen, leading to wrinkles and paving the way for skin cancer.

A key to luminous skin is to slather on the sunscreen. Choose one that is labeled broad- spectrum or UVA/UVB. The Spa carries several different types.

Skinceuticals sunscreens contain zinc and titanium oxide, which deflect the sun’s UV rays. SkinMedica® Environmental Defense hydrates and provides skin with antioxidant protection. Reapply sunscreen every two hours if you are in the sun. Mineral makeup with SPF can enhance protection.

To achieve a tanned look for any occasion, get a healthy glow (without the sun damage) with St. Tropez Body Bronzing.

Learn more about how you can shed summer skin damage here.


Oil production and perspiration increase in the heat, leading to a speedier accumulation of dead skin cells. For smoother, silkier skin, exfoliate regularly. This also helps product penetration as the surface layer of dead cells limits how much of your product get through. Try a Body Latte or a Ceres Sea Scrub & Massage to leave your body feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Tired of shaving every day? Try waxing or laser hair removal instead.


There are some things you can’t quite control. Cellulite is one of them. Fortunately, there’s VelaShape™, the first FDA Class II cleared platform for cellulite treatment. Using the combined energies of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light and energy, along with vacuum and mechanical message, this treatment is effective on all skin types and colors. Contact the Medical Spa to learn more.

Can you picture your skin 10 years from now? VISIA™ Digital Skin Analysis, an advanced photographic technology, reveals the true condition of your skin.

Schedule an appointment with The Spa or the Medical Spa at PRO Medical to learn more about beauty tips to keep you looking your best during summer.

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