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Barre is a group fitness fusion class that combines elements of ballet, dance, Pilates, and yoga into an intense, yet fun total-body fitness experience!


Whether you are a former athlete or just getting into fitness, Barre is a great way to build strength in smaller supporting muscles, core, feet and glutes. It is a low impact class that is perfect for all fitness levels, making teaching it as a career extremely successful.


PRO Club is hosting it’s own barre training class virtually with education company, Balanced Body. PRO Club has partnered with Balanced Body for both Pilates and barre trainings because of their long history in the industry as a leader in proper movement, quality equipment and esteemed education programs. This 8-hour course will be held virtually by Staci Alden on Saturday, October 24 from 10:30am – 6:30pm with a 1-hour lunch break.

Upon signing up for the training, participants will receive a detailed schedule of the days content and a manual to use as a reference before, during and after the training.


Here is a list of some of the concepts that will be provided:

  • Exercise instruction in the fundamental Barre exercises.
  • Successful class design and delivery based on the Movement Principles and Balanced Body Programming System.
  • Using music as a tool to provide motivation, excitement and entertainment.
  • Teaching cueing for smooth transitions, proper alignment, and inspiration.
  • Teaching instructors how to apply the Balanced Body Movement Principles to create classes that are effective and fun while still being safe.
  • Using inspirational, passionate teaching to keep classes full and clients coming back for more.

The total cost for this 8-hour course is $300, $250 + $50 for the manual.


Written by: Staci Alden, Group Fitness Director at PRO Club

Staci has been a dedicated Group Fitness Director for PRO Club since 2012. Staci believes that successful leaders understand their most important role is to promote, serve and support their team. Staci teaches and hires for over 55 custom formats and is a master Balanced Body Barre and MOTR instructor. She contributes educational content in the form of videos, blogs, articles and presentations for companies like the American Council on Exercise, IDEA World Health and Fitness Association, Women in Fitness Association, SCW Fitness Education and more!

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