Is Sleep More Important Than Exercise?


It’s of HIGHER importance than exercise and diet. Crazy right? That is because it has a huge effect on both! Without proper sleep your body cannot recover, resulting in poor nutrition and exercise habits and a higher risk for injury.


The longest recorded time without sleep is approximately 264 hours. However, it only takes three or four nights without sleep to hallucinate. That’s CRAZY!


When you don’t sleep well your brain power is compromised. This means you aren’t as likely to be productive at work the next day. It also means it’s less likely to hit a personal record (PR) during your workout.

Your decision making skills will be reduced which is why we tend to eat more when we’re sleepy!

Your hormones are also out of balance making you crave foods that are higher sugar, fat, and salt. And as I already stated: you don’t have the brain power to resist!

To make things worse, your cortisol level (the stress hormone) also increases when you are lacking sleep, which interrupts weight loss and/or maintenance.

So… who’s going to get better sleep tonight?

Written by: Ashley Snyder, Personal Trainer PRO Cub

Ashley is a Seattle native who graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University. She hopes to inspire those around her to focus on their wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle and sustainable activity. She believes fitness and nutrition are essential to positive self-worth while fulfilling all aspects of your wellness. Exercise should have purpose, be effective, and enjoyable! Ashley developed a strong understanding of the human body.

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