My Best 10: Cathy’s Story

The My Best 10 program was a perfect fit. It was completely tailored to meet my needs from end-to-end. The holistic approach gave me all the tools I needed to take care of myself from exercise and nutrition to Spa treatments, hair and skincare products, and everything in-between. The whole package had that fun element to it that, as a woman, I couldn’t resist!

After having a baby several years ago, I worked with a PRO Personal Trainer and was successful in shedding the excess weight. However, as time went by and life got busy, it was easy to talk myself out of exercise or a healthy diet. Soon, I’d gained back much of the weight I’d lost and began feeling tired and sluggish. I was drawn to My Best 10 as it seemed to align perfectly with my goal of looking and feeling younger. My main inspiration was my daughter. I’d had her later in life and wanted to feel just as energetic and healthy as those younger moms.

While the program was challenging, it was also fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering on top of all that hard work you put in?

My PRO Personal Trainer and PRO Registered Dietitian were integral to my success. They not only provided me with the tools to succeed, but also the motivation to push myself harder. Having that accountability makes all the difference in the world. It has become a habit to integrate what I learned into my lifestyle. For example, I’ve become a lot more aware of my food choices. I ate out the other day and when the food was served, my first thought was “That’s not enough protein.” It’s not something that would have crossed my mind before. Regular exercise has also become a habit. I enjoy practicing hot yoga three times a week and swimming.

Meeting with a dermatologist and learning more about my skincare was a fun perk of the program. I’m always looking for that “miracle product” to look my best and I was delighted with the results – I can’t see any wrinkles and my skin is so smooth!

I’d do My Best 10 all over again because I love the results. I feel as if I’ve learned so much that I can take with me and apply on my own. My Best 10 is a philosophy. It teaches a lifestyle and it’s up to you to make the right choices for yourself. Oftentimes, we women get so involved in our daily lives and helping others around us that we neglect ourselves. This is dedicated “you-time” that everyone deserves.

Reclaim your best 10. Learn more about the My Best 10 program here.

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