4 Reason to Get Your Kids Outdoors

It can be challenging getting kids outside in this digital age. My kids would rather build a character in a video game and have them run around the block then do it themselves. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are important elements for kids health and happiness!

Here are 4 reasons why its important to get kids outside and moving.

1. Builds healthier children

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. Our body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we’re outdoors. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics many children have vitamin D deficiencies and this increases their risk for chronic illnesses. The outdoors provides the best place for running, jumping, pushing and pulling on playground equipment which improves motor skills and builds muscles.

2. Builds healthy social and emotional health

Unstructured play helps kids learn communication skills, cooperation and how to handle different situations. Playing outside gives kids the chance to have adventures, play games, test their physical limits, and build self-confidence.

3. Builds better senses

Using your 5 senses regularly helps to develop perceptual abilities. An optometry and vision study found that kids who played outside regularly had better distance vision. Going outside you use your sight to see new things, you smell your surroundings, you hear and touch different things, and maybe even taste new things.

4. Builds happiness and immunity

When your outside, the sun stimulates your pineal gland which is in your brain. The pineal gland is responsible for keeping the immune system strong. Spending time outside is also associated with improved mood and happiness. A new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research found that spending just 20 minutes in a park — even if you don’t exercise while you’re there — is enough to improve mood, reduce stress, and make you happier.

Here is a fun list of 20 things to get your kiddos, and maybe yourself, moving:

  1. Follow the leader
  2. Simon says
  3. Scavenger hunt
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Have a picnic at a playground and take a walk
  6. Capture the flag
  7. Hopscotch
  8. Hide and Seek
  9. Jump-rope
  10. Red Light, Green Light
  11. Simon Says
  12. Tag
  13. Duck, Duck, Goose
  14. Musical Chairs
  15. Soccer game
  16. Ride bikes
  17. Water balloon fight
  18. Climb a tree
  19. Wash your mom’s car
  20. Go to the beach and search for shells, crabs, and different rocks

PRO Tip: Want to incorporate a little tech into your outdoor activities? Try one of these popular apps:


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Pokémon Go

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Take advantage of the outdoors and make memories with your kids!

By Nichole Arthur, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

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