Tips to Develop Comfort in the Water


Besides being fun, there are many advantages to acclimating children to swimming at a young age. Having a positive experience during this important time in their development will pave the way to easier learning and comfort in the water later on. Teach your many or toddler some basic skills and help foster a lifelong love […]

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10 Water Safety Tip for Parents


Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons Continue them year round. Your baby can start lessons at 6 months of age. Also, learn how to swim yourself, if you don’t already know how. PRO Sports Club offers many options! Keep Your Children Under Constant Supervision When Near Water Never allow a child to be in the […]

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55 Foods for Weight Loss


Eating healthy starts with smart choices when shopping for groceries. This list will help you stock your kitchen and pantry with the right options for you and your family The foods included in this list have been selected based on a variety of criteria such as portion size, whole grain and whole food ingredients, nutrient […]

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RECIPE: Family Friendly Stuffed Peaches


4 large peaches 3 TBSP brown sugar 1 cup frozen berries 3 TBSP lemon juice Wash and halve peaches and remove the pit. Place peaches on the aluminium foil that’s large enough to fold up and seal the peaches inside. Spook 2 tablespoons of berries into each peach half. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of brown sugar […]

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RECIPE: Family Friendly Kabobs


1 TBSP olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Green vegetables (green pepper, zucchini, asparagus) Red vegetables (cherry tomato, red pepper) Chop vegetables into 1 inch cubes. Brush with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Thread onto a wooden skewer in order to make a “stop light.” Grill for 8 minutes, turning every 2 minutes.   […]

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