3 Reasons to go for a 30-Minute Walk After Dinner

After finishing a delicious dinner, are you the type to go for a walk or head for the couch? Before you decide to grab the TV remote, check out these three benefits of walking after your meal.

1) Speeding up your metabolism

Walking after a meal helps you burn more calories.  This is beneficial in maintaining and reducing weight.

2) Walking can help in reducing stress

Often people try to go to sleep with lots on their minds. Taking a walk after your dinner can boost your blood circulation and reduce stress which are both important for a good night’s sleep.

3) Lowers blood sugar

Exercise helps lower blood sugar. A 30 minute walk after consuming a meal can help you to lower your blood sugar, which is important for reducing risk for type 2 diabetes.

PRO Tip: Walking after a meal with family or friends is a great way to connect with each other. It also gets the kids off of their devices!

By Josh Fitchitt, Senior Director of Fitness Services at PRO Club

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