RECIPE: Italian Lentil Stew

This wonderful stew is rich and satisfying and can be easily frozen for future meals. There is something super special about a stew made from scratch. High in heart healthy fiber, lentils are also great for a healthy digestive tract as well. Up the protein content adding one of your favorites such as chicken sausage […]

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Pantry Stocking Guide


The key to building a healthy pantry is having items that are nutrient dense and can be used in multiple different preparations. Aim to have foods on-hand that are easily adaptable to different flavor profiles as well. For instance, an ordinary can of tuna can be used to create different styles of tuna salad such […]

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Healthy Rewards for Kids


Using food as a reward is solidly part of our cultural climate, in which achievements and social events are marked by eating. Many of the foods we use as rewards have little or no nutritional value, but are quick and easy, cheap, and can help reinforce short-term behavior change.

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