How to get your Infant & Toddler Swimming

Have you been curious about getting your infant or toddler into the pool?

Infants, even those who cannot yet walk, have an amazing talent for moving in the water. And the sooner you can introduce your baby to water, the more natural it will feel and the easier swimming will be as they grow older. There are also many health benefits to introducing your little one to the water.

Read on to know how to get your little one splashing around in no time.

When to Start

We recommend that infants start swim lessons at six months old. However, they can be introduced to the pool even earlier.

The two factors to consider when trying to find the right aquatic centers are temperature and chemicals. We suggest checking with the pool you’re interested in to see how they sanitize their pool. Additionally, ask to see what temperature they keep their pools at. Aim for the pool to be around 87-89 degrees.


Being in the water is an active form of movement that infants enjoy. The water is stimulating for both physical and mental development for your infant. Plus it’s fun to watch their feet kick underwater and their hands reach for objects.


There’s no doubt that being comfortable around water helps build the confidence to learn swimming skills with ease. Swimming also helps develop balance as the water is always moving toddlers around.

When your child is a toddler, this is a perfect age to begin to learn how to float on their back. Learning to back float in water is an essential swimming skill because it is where it’s safe to breathe. Being exposed to floating on the back as a toddler with water in the ears makes this position feel more natural when exposed to swimming skills as they grow older.

Swimming Tips & Tricks for Little Ones

The 3 Count

Always start by teaching your infant or toddler to wait for a count of three before entering the pool. This simple act of waiting for the count of three sets up safe and healthy boundaries around a swimming pool and can prevent accidents from happening.

The Triple Diaper Solution

While your infant is being potty trained, three layers of protection will provide both peace of mind and instill confidence in your little one.

  1. First Layer – Disposable swim diaper
    Note: this is not a regular diaper.
  2. Second Layer – Reusable diaper
    The elastic waist and leg bands provide security that any accidents (even smaller ones) will likely stay contained.
  3. Third Layer – Swimsuit with a liner
    This adds one more layer of support, elastic, and coverage.

We suggest finding an aquatic center that both you and your little one are comfortable in.

The instructors at PRO Club use kindness, compassion, and fun to help both you and your infant or toddler gain comfort in the water while spending quality time together. We strive to create an environment where you’re able to bond in free from other distractions.

Additionally, PRO Club uses UV light to sanitize our pools, thereby decreasing the amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed to keep the water clean. We also keep our recreation pool at 88 degrees and our teaching pool (available for free swim during Family Fun Night) at 90 degrees.

Written by Erin Julius, Aquatics Manager at PRO Club in Bellevue, Washington.

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