Beauty Blogger Tries First Head Spa in PNW

When it comes to healthy hair, my first thought normally doesn’t go to my scalp. However, after hearing about the new Head Spa treatment offered at the Salon at PRO Club, I learned that if you want healthy, gorgeous hair, you need to get to your roots.

Whether you want your hair to grow longer and stronger, you have a scalp concern, or if your hair is dry and damaged, the Head Spa is a detoxifying and clarifying treatment that encourages healthy hair growth. It’s essentially a facial for your head. The treatment involves a cleansing scalp and hair detox with massage and steam therapy.

The Salon at PRO Club is the first in the Pacific Northwest to offer this new treatment and I was invited to the Salon by Jamee, the resident Head Spa guru, to go through the treatment and experience the results for myself.

The treatment started off with wrapping me in a warm blanket (yes, please!). Then I was fully reclined into their state-of-the-art shampoo bowl. My hair was first rinsed and then Jamee began working her magic. One of my favorite parts of the whole process was a cool, tingling product that was applied to my scalp. It felt like it was really exfoliating and revitalizing my roots.

Next, Jamee began the steam treatment that helps open the pores to remove product residue build up. My hair was lathered with shampoo and then Jamee massaged my head. I was in a dreamlike state during the whole treatment from the multiple different head massages.

And did I mention the incredible aromas of this treatment? Every product during this process smelt amazing and made me want to have it in my shower at home. Which I found out you totally can! The Spa carries these products for you to go home and continue to keep your scalp nice and healthy. (Hello, Philip Kingsley products!)

Toward the end of the treatment, Jamee did a “wake up” process. For one, you’ll likely fall asleep from being so relaxed, but this process also helps wake up and refresh the hair follicles. After a towel bath, the treatment was complete and my hair was dried and styled.

Besides a deep feeling of relaxation and shiny, soft hair, the Head Spa also left my skin feeling refreshed rejuvenated from the steam. I left the Salon glowing and recharged.

I have to admit that before the treatment, I had some reservations about whether it might affect my hair color. This process is completely safe for color treated hair! And I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed no color difference in my hair. In fact, the only difference that I did notice was the incredible shine and glow in my hair when I left. Even the next morning, my hair was brighter and looked more vibrant than ever.

The Head Spa is a great add-on treatment to your normal salon experience. It takes around 30–75 minutes depending on what treatment you would like. It can be done in between your color and cut, or it can be a treatment by itself.

I would recommend the Head Spa to anyone not only looking to detoxify and cleanse their hair, but to also have a deeply relaxing experience and reset themselves.

Written by Sidney Shea, Local Beauty Blogger

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