Why Salt is the Perfect Addition to Your Skin Care Routine

Salt and facials? You may think that this combination would not help your skin be rejuvenated and youthful, however, salt is an incredible natural exfoliant that can actually help your skin soak in more nutrients. This leaves your skin looking and feeling moisturized and healthy any time of the year.  

Similar to when you consume excess salt and your body retains it, when you apply salt to your skin, it holds the moisture. With the added natural exfoliation of the salt, it allows your skin to better absorb antioxidants and serums. 

During summer months, it’s important to keep your skin properly exfoliated and moisturized. This treatment is perfect to add into your routine mid-summer to keep that summer glow! 

So what is a Salt Facial?

The Salt Facial is an all natural, three-step treatment that utilizes sea salt, ultrasound technology and LED therapy to evenly remove the top layer of the skin and assist in overall skin health. The treatment is safe for all skin types and can be done year round. 

This treatment can help with: 

  • Skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Pore reduction
  • Diminishing fine lines
  • Reduce acne
  • Post-treatment healing
  • Stretch mark reduction

The Process:

Step 1: Restore

The Salt Facial starts off with an all natural sea salt skin exfoliation treatment. The sea salt crystals help purify and remove the top layer of the skin. With this exfoliation, it helps prepare the skin to soak in the antioxidants and serums more efficiently. 

Step 2: Replenish

After the sea salt exfoliation, your skin is treated to an ultrasound. The ultrasound opens your pores so they are able to soak in more antioxidants and promote collagen reproduction.

Step 3: Rejuvenate 

The last step of the Salt Facial is a high-intensity LED light therapy that helps heal the skin. This part of the treatment helps remove redness, reduce inflammation and helps treat acne. 

The Results:

After your Salt Facial, you’ll notice results immediately. You’ll have that perfect glow, along with healthy, hydrated and plump skin! 

Written By Alicia Ungaro, Medical Esthetician at the Medical Spa at PRO Medical.

The Medical Spa at PRO Medical takes beauty and wellness to the next level. The Med Spa offers cosmetic dermatology technologies including laser skin technologies, inflatables, anti-aging, body contouring and advanced skin care.

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