Growth Chart: The Life of Your Hair From Birth Onward


Ever wonder what happens to your hair as you age?


Your baby hair gets shed in the first few months as hormone levels drop. By your first birthday, your hair follicles become active again.


your hair follicles are the most active than at any other point in your life. While your pigment-producing cells have become active, they’re not fully mature, so your hair color is likely to get darker as you age.


The hormones that affect your skin also effect your hair, bringing changes to its color and texture.


You have half as much hair as you did in childhood. Hormone levels have stabilized and your hair grows faster than any other time in your life.

30’s & 40’s

A decrease in estrogen gradually slows hair growth, so you may begin to notice some thinning. With fewer pigment cells in the hair’s core, strands start to turn gray.

50’s & Beyond

You have about a third of the hair you had in childhood. As long as you eat well and limit heat and chemical damage, your hair won’t show its true age.


Originally from PRO Pulse January-February 2010

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