When deciding on a face mask to wear while working out there are numerous options. Breathability, structure, and material are all factors to consider. We took the top three leading workout face mask brands: JAANUU, Outdoor Research, and Under Armour and put them to the test with our Group Fitness Director, Staci Alden. Watch the video or read more below to determine the right workout face mask for you.

The JAANUU face mask has gained a lot of media attention with former President Barak Obama pictured in it. It was created by Doctors and claims to be Americas #1 face mask. What we liked about the JAANUU workout face mask is that it is nice and wide so it can cover a broad range of the face. It is made of a polyester material, so not only is it soft and comfortable, but it dries quickly and will wick away any moisture. It is also the most economical mask on our list at 5 for $25 plus shipping. One thing to pay attention to is that the actual earpieces or loops that your ears go into are not adjustable. If that is important to you that is something to consider. There is also no metal nose bridge, so if you commonly feel that your mask is falling, this may not be the mask for you.

To read more about JANNUU or purchase online click here.

The Outdoor Research face mask kit has recently gone on sale for $15 plus shipping. It comes with one reusable mask and three filters. This is a double layer face mask that retains its shape well while working out due to the structure and nose wire. It is again a polyester like material that will keep you dry while working out. What we liked most about this mask was that the back of the ear loops are not only adjustable but they can also be clipped together around the back of your head so you do not have to wear the ear loops at all.

To read more about the Outdoor Research mask or to purchase online click here.

Priced at 1 for $30 or 2 for $40 this is the most expensive workout face mask option that we reviewed. We found that this mask is extremely comfortable and very protective. It does not have an adjustable earpiece, but they do come in multiple sizes. To determine your size they have an easy to use sizing chart on their website. It is again made of the polyester material with a nice metal clip for your nose.

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Another thing to consider while working out with a face mask is that when you begin to breathe heavily you may experience the mask suctioning to your face as you inhale deeply. To prevent this our group fitness instructors have found that placing a silicon bracket inside of your mask can make it a lot more comfortable to breathe and speak while working out.

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While reviewing these workout face masks each had its own set of pros and cons. At the end of the day the best fit for you is about your personal preference. If you prefer a more structured mask with adjustable ear loops, and a filter we recommend the Outdoor Research mask. If you prefer a more fitted and structured mask with multi-layer protection the Under Armour mask provides this, or if you are looking for a softer mask with no metal piece then we would recommend the JANNUU mask.

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