Let’s Play Pickleball! 

By Marissa Rackner

Pickleball is seemingly known as a sport for retired residents looking for leisurely activity. This is a common misconception. Pickleball has now become trendy for all ages and athletic levels. Combining three sports, tennis, badminton and ping pong, it’s a sweaty full body workout that also brings a smile to the face. 

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US and was invented in Washington. It’s even been named the state sport. Now is a great time to start learning on one of the country’s fastest growing sports before summer comes around. It’s easy to learn and fun to play. As you develop your skills, it can become a fast-paced competitive game. 

The sport requires only a court, net, paddle and a pickleball. Open to all-levels of athletic ability, anyone can learn and start playing pickleball within 10 minutes. For those new to the game, bringing a friend to drop-in pickleball at PRO Club is a great way to ease into the sport. 

Drop-in Pickleball at PRO Club:

Show up to play, join the fun and meet new people. NBA Court 2 is reserved at various times throughout the week for drop-in play September – May, when youth camps are not in session. Mix in and play, whether with friends or other members. Open to all ages and skill levels.

Players are responsible for setup and takedown of the nets. Bring your own equipment. Games are played four to a court, with each match going to 11 points; you must win by a minimum of two points. After each game is finished, if others are waiting to play, a new foursome will rotate in. If there are less than four people waiting, any willing participants will go off the court to allow the waiting players to play. 

FREE! Pickleball Clinics

For those new to pickleball, join us on the courts in the Pavilion. This one-hour session will introduce new players to the basics of how to play Pickleball including scoring, rules, and basic volley skills. Contact the front desk for current dates and times. Register at the Front Desk or call (425) 885-5566.

Freshen up on a few rules of the game and learn the Pickleball terminology here

Included in your membership are six indoor pickleball courts, open play time, and free Pickleball Clinics so you may enjoy this highly addictive sport.

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