Counseling: A Healthy Choice for Mental and Emotional Health


There are many healthy choices we can make for ourselves including our diet, surrounding ourselves with positive people, and exercising. Another healthy choice is making the decisions to care for our emotional and mental health by talking to a professional counselor. Therapy is an important part of understanding ourselves and exploring the thoughts and feelings […]

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5 Goal-Setting Tips


If done correctly, goal setting can be an extremely powerful tool to unleash your untapped potential. Follow these five simple steps to set yourself up for success. Identify Your Goal: First Identify your ultimate goal. Rather than saying “I want ___,” say “I will ___.” Your belief in achieving your goal is the very first […]

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10 Tips for Soothing Stress


Recent Studies indicate that 54% of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their lives. No one is completely free of stress. Stress in a small dose can actually benefit us by keeping us motivated, focused, and alert when we need to be. However, when life’s demands exceed you ability to cope, stress […]

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