3 Tips for Mental Motivation

Have you ever said, “Monday I am starting my workout plan” and by Wednesday you lost your motivation and found reasons not to exercise? You are not the only one! Here are three tips you can use to stay mentally motivated.

1. Motivation builds when you set smaller goals

Accomplishing smaller goals builds confidence! I often set my goal to just get on my running shoes and do 5 minutes of easy running. It is still success if I run for 5 minutes and walk back home but 99% of the time I get to the 5-minute mark and keep going. Knowing that my small goal is achievable, I keep the commitment and maintain my motivation!

2. Motivation fosters when you make the next best choice

When I am productive and feeling positive, I acknowledge how uplifted I am feeling and keep making the next best choice. When I am lacking motivation, I set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and decide on what my next best choice is. This allows me to let go of my current state and start fresh!

3. Motivation is sustained when a positive behavior becomes a habit

Taking time to reflect on how you feel when the hard task is over, and you get to enjoy the positive endorphins. You will want that feeling back again! I experience this every time I take an indoor cycling class. I know its going to be hard but the feeling when I am done is so powerful that I cannot wait to get started!

Motivation comes and goes but with some strategies, you will build your confidence and take yourself to the next level!

By Janelle Veteri, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

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