5 Quick Grocery Store Dinner Ideas

As a registered dietitian, one of the requests I hear most often is for fast and tasty dinner ideas. A busy day can mean the evening meal can sneak up on us with nothing planned. Instead of dining out consider making a short trip to the grocery store.

A primary benefit of buying convenience foods is that they require little to no preparation and therefore are ready to eat quickly. There are plenty of options that are nutritious and can be combined to make for a balanced meal. The goal is to include a lean protein, fiber rich carbs (vegetables, fruit, beans, whole grains, etc.), and healthy fats. The following ideas are sure to please.

  1. Hummus Salad Wrap
    Whole wheat tortilla + hummus + low sodium deli meat + cheese + prepared salad kit
  2. Pasta
    Fresh Ravioli + rotisserie chicken + marinara sauce + roasted vegetables from grocery store deli
  3. Breakfast for Dinner
    Scrambled eggs + chopped fresh or frozen vegetables + shredded cheese + avocado + whole grain toast
  4. Snack Plate
    Whole grain crackers + cream cheese + smoked salmon + cucumbers + olives
  5. Elevated Tomato Soup
    One container tomato soup + spinach + diced cooked Italian chicken sausage + cauliflower or potato gnocchi

All these meals are perfect to make when short on time and they taste good too. Enjoy!

Registered Dietitian at PRO Medical
Julie is a registered dietitian who works primarily with 20/20 Lifestyles program clients. Weekly nutritional consultations are spent educating clients on adapting healthy eating habits to promote long-term weight normalization and improvement of metabolic disorders. Her nutritional experience includes working with the Women’s Health Initiative study at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and as a clinical dietitian at both St. Vincent Medical Center in southern California and locally at Queen Anne Health Care. She has also done sports nutrition consulting work for Columbia Athletic Clubs in the past and now specializes in seeing general PRO Club members regarding sports nutrition to enhance their athletic performance. Julie’s objective is to work collectively with each client to develop a balanced approach to eating food that is maintainable for a lifetime.
Specialties: Family Nutrition, Pregnancy Nutrition, Sport & Performance Nutrition
Credentials: RD, CD

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