Take A Movement Break!

Movement breaks are essential for your physical and emotional health.

The benefits of taking brief movement breaks have been well-researched. Sitting for long periods whether at your desk, the TV, or in a class—puts you at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity

Getting up from your chair to walk, stretch, do yoga, or whatever activity you prefer can reduce the negative health effects from too much sitting. Just a 5-minute walk every hour can improve your health and well-being.  In a article by WebMD.com scientists compared two similar groups: transit drivers, who sit most of the day, and conductors or guards, who don’t. Though their diets and lifestyles were a lot alike, those that sat were about twice as likely to get heart disease as those that stood.


Breaks can also increase productivity and creativity. Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, and helps you become more creative. A study in the journal of Cognition stated that small movement breaks improved one’s ability to focus and be productive.  A Stanford study specifically studied walking breaks verses sitting breaks and found that walking breaks lead to more creative ideas than sitting break.

The Department of Health and Human services recommends adults should engage in moderate physical activity 150 minutes a week, which translates to 30 minutes a day, five days a week.  Aim to get more movement into your day by standing up and moving every 30 minutes.  It may not be a 10 minute workout but just getting up and walking will make a difference. If you have 10 minutes these short movement breaks will help get you to your physical activity goal. 

10 Minute Full-Body Bodyweight Workout:

45 sec/15 sec rest

2 Sets:

1. Push-ups

2. Squats

3. Plank Taps

4. Jumping Jacks

5. Alternating Reverse Lunges 

10 Minute Upper-body bodyweight workout:

45 sec/15 sec rest

2 Sets:

1. Inchworms with Shoulder taps

2. Plank rotations

3. Dead Bugs

4. Crab Tricep dips

5. Push-ups 

10 Minute Lower-body bodyweight workout:

45 sec/15 sec rest

2 Sets: 

1. Alternating Reverse lunge

2. Power Jacks 

3. Side Lunges

4. Jump Squats 

5. Glute Bridge

Your body and mind will thank you after getting some movement in!

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Written by: Nichole Arthur, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

Nichole has always been passionate about athletics and helping others reach their fitness goals. She believes that no matter what the starting point, everyone has the ability to become the person that they desire, both physically and mentally. Group fitness provides an atmosphere of camaraderie and competitiveness that helps individuals work harder than if they were to work out alone, and her goal is to have you push pass previous boundaries. When you leave class, you’ll feel exhausted and empowered.

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