3 Healthy Ways To Use Squash In Your Meals

Squash is a perfect accompaniment to a cozy fall meal. Here are three ways to incorporate it into your meals and add more color and phytonutrients to your favorite dishes:


Cube (or purchase pre-cut) squash and roast with a simple dash of salt and pepper for a vibrant salad add-on. Mix with goat cheese, walnuts and roasted chicken atop leafy greens for an easy, nutrient-packed seasonal meal.


Butternut squash and pumpkin are delightful in shakes. Going ‘au natural’ with your ingredients? Use Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or silken tofu for protein. 20/20 Lifestyles vanilla protein powder also works well. Add spices such as clove, cinnamon or nutmeg, fruits such as banana or dates, and almond or ground flax for a complete and delightful meal replacement.


Perhaps the most popular choice these days, this option is a surefire way to boost the overall nutritional quality of your meal while not compromising on flavor. Most of the satisfaction of a noodle-based dish comes from the sauce and protein mixture, the noodles are a ‘vehicle’ for this flavor. Zucchini and spaghetti squash varieties are low-carb if that suits your needs. Think outside the traditional pasta meal as well: think stir fry, soups, Mexican and more for your ‘zoodles’.

Written by: Erika DeRooy, Registered Dietitian at PRO Medical

Erika works with clients in both the 20/20 LifeStyles program and general members. She enjoys helping her clients understand how healthier eating relates to a more balanced lifestyle. She specializes in a realistic and sustainable approach to meal plan changes. Her interests include emotional eating, sports nutrition and metabolic disorders among others. Erika has worked in long-term care, clinical, food service, and community settings.

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