Janelle’s Tips To Stay Motivated

We all know exercise is good for our health! Why is it so hard to stick with it? Its so easy to give into that little voice that says, “I’ll do it later”, or “I will start on Monday”. Getting out of this trap can be easier than you think! Here are 5 tips to turn motivation into habits:

  1. Set smaller achievable goals that contribute to your larger goal. Who ever said that a workout must be one hour long? If you are just starting a new routine, make it simple by decreasing the time and focusing on the consistency of the routine. It is easy to add additional time once you have established a daily routine.
  2. Delete guilt. You are going to miss a day or two. Accepting setbacks are part of the process. Do not allow a misstep to be an excuse for giving up.
  3. Recruit supporters. Find people who encourage you to stay on track and ask a friend to be your accountability partner. Be specific on when you want them to check in with you. This person should be supportive but firm.
  4. Find the Fun in Fitness. Make sure you are picking an activity that is fun. There are endless options for fitness and trying a new activity is a great way to bring variety and joy to your workouts.
  5. Make it Convenient. The best time of day for fitness is when it works best in your schedule. There are many online options if you need to work out from home. Determine when you have the most energy and plan your exercise time accordingly.

Remember that we are defined by our actions not our intentions and what we repeatedly do we become!

Written by Janelle Veteri – Passionate Master Trainer for cycling who aspires to bring out the best in others. Group Fitness Instructor with 25 years’ experience teaching a variety of group fitness classes. Advanced training in the areas of cycling, Pilates, functional strength training, and motivational coaching. Accomplished athlete in the sports of triathlon, cycling, and running. Certified through ACE, Stott Pilates, TRX, Schwinn, & Stairmaster.

Janelle is so excited to begin teaching a NEW workshop series that might develop into a new Group Fitness format if there is enough interest:
FIT ROW Intro to Rowing Workshop Series. More info to come!

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