Bone Broth: Healer or Hype?


Popularized by celebrities, bone broth continues to draw interest for its restorative and healing properties. Never heard of it before? Bone broth is roasted bones cooked for several hours (up to 24 hours or more), strained and seasoned.

The result is a broth rich in important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, collagen, and glucosamine to name a few. Leeching these key nutrients into the broth allows for easier absorption by the body. Regular consumption can supposedly lead to increased skin elasticity, tone and texture, collagen production, better mobility and flexibility in joints, enhanced gut health and improved immunity.

The ultimate question is does bone broth actually elicit these effects?

In regard to improved collagen production, the research doesn’t point to any validity in these claims. Although collagen is a protein, consuming foods rich in collagen doesn’t necessarily translate to increased collagen production in the skin or joints. Our bodies breakdown collagen into amino acids (building clocks of protein) and utilize them where they’re most needed in the body. If your diet is low in protein, consuming a collagen rich bone broth may be targeted to enhancing skin elasticity. Therefore, it’s still crucial to maintain a well-balanced diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruit.

Is bone broth a nutritious food? Absolutely!

It can be a wonderful, nutritious addition to your diet, but no need to start a bone broth cleanse anytime soon!

Looking for an easy recipe to make bone broth at home? We love this recipe here.

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