Common Yoga Myths


For as long as yoga has been around, there have been myths surrounding it.

Here are some common myths about yoga and why they are not at all true.

MYTH 1: You have to be flexible to practice yoga

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga, and it’s precisely the reason why you should start. You’ll gain flexibility quite quickly just by taking yoga, and you shouldn’t let it dissuade you from trying it out. Yes, there are the occasional extra-bendy students in class but, for the most part, classes are filled with people just like you.

MYTH 2: Yoga is only for women

Although in the United States, it sometimes feels as though only women take yoga, this is not true. Yoga is beneficial for everyone, no matter you gender, and it can be especially helpful for anyone (including men) with tight hips and hamstrings. If you feel strange as the only man in a room full of women, find a yoga buddy to go with you. Once you go a couple of times, you won’t even notice you’re in the minority anymore.

MYTH 3: Yoga is religious

Yoga is not part of any religion, and has never had anything to do with a religious group. Although some turn to yoga as a spiritual practice, just as many turn to yoga for other goals including improved concentration, better endurance, improved flexibility or even weight loss.

MYTH 4: Yoga is just for relaxing and doesn’t count as exercise

Most yoga classes do provide relaxation but, depending on the style of yoga, a class can also provide strength, balance, flexibility and, in the case of fast-paced Vinyasa Flow class, some cardiovascular exercise. Yoga is truly a well-rounded workout.

MYTH 5: You’ll lose weight and more calories if you do hot yoga

Hot yoga fanatics usually brag about the “bonus” effects of practicing hot yoga, however, they have yet to be proven. Many people think they lose a lot of weight after taking one of these classes, however, it’s mostly just water weight that they’re sweated out which will soon be replaced after they rehydrate. You won’t burn any additional calories in a heated room than you would in a regular class.


Originally from PRO Pulse September-October 2016
By Arundhati Baitmangalkar

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