Swimming, Everyone Benefits


PRO Aquatics believes all children should learn how to swim, and those on the autism spectrum are no exception.

Children are naturally inquisitive and drawn to water, so it’s of utmost importance that they know what to do if they intentionally or accidentally enter the water.

Many children on the spectrum have found that being in water has amazing therapeutic benefits. This includes improved speech and cognitive function, as well as providing a calming effect on the body (including the soothing pressure of the water against the body and the decreased noise when underwater). Swimming also offers an opportunity for socialization and parallel play with other children, allowing interaction at a comfortable level.

Here are some of our families who have found therapeutic benefits
from swimming:

“Sam is a 19-year-old who loves water and being in the pool but, more importantly, he adores his PRO Club swim instructor, Danielle Bulyca. Being an adult with autism comes with many challenges, but perhaps one of the most difficult is living in a world full of individuals who are unsure of how to engage with those of different abilities. Danielle has an uncanny talent to engage with her students. When we chose to sign Sam up for swim lessons, our intention was to get him some exercise and to engage with people. Our expectation wasn’t that he would learn to swim, but Danielle’s expectation is for Sam to swim. It’s a slow process, but Sam is now doing tasks he refused to in the past. I never thought I’d see Sam keep his swim goggles on, but he wears them happily now and has discovered the joy of seeing underwater.”
– Amy Young

“Swimming has been great for our son, Jack. In the water, he is engaged and more receptive to learning. We believe the exercise has helped his coordination, impulse control, and social behavior.”
 – Shawn Johnson
      PRO club Expertise

All our instructors receive training and education in providing positive and inclusive swimming lessons for those on the autism spectrum. Some of our instructors specialize even further. Contact PRO Aquatics for more information and to schedule lessons for your child at aquaticsinfo@proclub.com or 425-861-6274.


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