The Benefits of diVa: Feel Like Your Younger, Confident Self


It’s a delicate subject, but one that’s important to address.

There are two major events in a woman’s lifetime that can create incontinence issues and loss of elasticity – childbirth and changes with menopause.

With childbirth, stretching occurs and, although the body tends to heal itself, a woman may not experience the same state of health she had before having children. Elasticity, thinning of tissues, and dryness are all common concerns, as they also are when a woman goes through menopause. The reason for these changes in both stages of life is hormonal, primarily reduced estrogen production.

The good news is that no woman has to suffer unnecessarily. Many of the disruptive symptoms of menopause can be successfully addressed, including intimate changes. The latest advance in laser technology offers a quick and easy solution – diVa.

As the world’s first hybrid fractional laser to help rejuvenate and address intimate challenges, including urinary incontinence, diVa offers unprecedented results. The in-office procedure itself takes 3-5 minutes. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure comfort and most women experience only a slight pressure sensation. Best of all, patients can return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. Most experience only minimal discharge, spotting or discomfort.

If you are a woman who wants to feel more like her younger, confident self, don’t wait. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to address your personal needs and concerns.

Written by PRO Medical

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