Are You Normal Weight and Metabolically Obese?


Did you know that around 23 percent of adults who believe they have a “normal weight” have metabolic disorders?

These include conditions such as high LDL cholesterol (over 100), low HDL cholesterol (under 40 for men, 50 for women), high triglycerides (over 150), high blood pressure (over 130/80), high blood glucose (over 100), pre-diabetes (HgA1c 5.7-6.4), and type 2 diabetes.

Although these metabolically-obese, normal weight individuals appear to look healthy, they’re at a high risk of having a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancers that are related to increased fat and many other disorders only seen in overweight/obese individuals. These people have a normal BMI (under 25) but have a high percentage of body fat, usually carried in their abdomen, which causes metabolic disorders.

A cultural link
Individuals from India and Asia are usually overweight if their BMI is above 21. Therefore, there is a high incidence of type 2 diabetes in these cultures due to the excess fat.

Age-related changes
Metabolic disorders can also occur as you age. Sometime in your late 30’s or 40’s, your hormones start to drop. This turns on your aging gene. Besides causing fatigue, gray hair, wrinkles, and sleep problems, this gene also causes sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle (up to 9 pounds per decade) which is replaced by fat that is deposited in the abdomen. Other than all the symptoms of aging, the abdominal fat starts a cascade of metabolic disorders which age your arteries and other organs.

What you can do
PRO Medical Age Management can help control the cascade of metabolic disorders by keeping your hormone levels the same as they were when you
were 40 years old.
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If you have a metabolic abnormality, get a DXA scan at PRO Club. The results will indicate if you have high body fat. Then you can reduce this excess fat by losing weight and gaining back muscle. We have several programs to assist you.

Contact Diana Davis in our Resource Center to schedule an appointment by calling 425-869-4764.

DXA Pricing: Member $125, Non-Member: $150 (not covered by insurance).


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