The Best Travel Workout EVER!


Whether you travel for business or are heading on vacation during the holidays, it can be a struggle to keep up with your physical fitness.

Most of the time, people slack off because of the lack of ideas and boredom with the classic “hotel workout.”

Is it really possible to stay committed to your health goals and get an effective workout while traveling?

Absolutely! Here’s how:

Meet with a PRO Personal Trainer and tap into expert guidance. They can create a personalized travel routine that fits into you fitness goals. As fitness professionals and travelers, they’ve been in your shoes. Allow them to design a customized workout for you, depending on your goals and interests.

Will you have access to a fitness center? Great! Rather than just stepping onto a treadmill, we’ll show you how to be creative and stay engaged so that you truly enjoy your time exercising. Add variety and fun to your workout! After all, no one wants to be bored on vacation. If your partner or family members are joining you, why not engage in some friendly competition or partner exercises? Our PRO personal trainers can show you how.

If you don’t have access to a fitness center, you can still work out. A jump rope or a mini-band are lightweight and easy to pack. Bodyweight exercises are also great for keeping your whole body toned and energized. Your PRO Personal Trainer can show you exercises to work all your major muscle groups. There are literally hundreds of exercises you can choose from. Find your favorites and then switch them up to keep your body challenged and your mind engaged.

Want to feel even better? Schedule an appointment with a PRO Registered Dietitian to discuss how to keep your nutrition in check while traveling. You’ll come away with tips and creative ideas on how to enjoy yourself and feel empowered, not deprived, while on vacation. One example is to master intuitive eating. And yes, they can show you how to splurge and still remain healthy. After all, you are on vacation!

Travel fitness gear available in the Pro Shop

  • Gym balls (Price varies according to size)
  • Mini-bands ($4.95)
  • Tone tubing ($14.95)
  • Massage balls ($22.95)
  • Massage sticks ($29.95)
  • Protein blender bottles ($4.95)

Sample Mini-Band Workouts

Use a heavier mini-band (blue or black) for a dynamic warm-up with hip openers, monster walks, and banded glute bridges. Follow with exercises such as banded deadlift, banded bicep curl, and banded bent over row. Consult with a PRO Personal Trainer for exercises.

Written by PRO Club

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