To Get Holiday Ready, All You Have to do is P.R.E.P.


Although the holidays are great for spending time with loved ones, taking a break from work, and giving yourself a well-deserved rest, maintaining your health is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t stop at any point in time.

The best way to maintain your healthy lifestyle is by preparing. We follow the acronym, P.R.E.P. (Predict, Rationalize, Execute, and Practice) to stay holiday healthy.


The holidays can be daunting for achieving your fitness goals, and sneaky for anyone trying to make progress. The first step in preparing for the holidays is to predict what could happen. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. If your goal was to lose weight by the end of the year, how will you avoid temptation? Your sister might make her famous apple pie or you may find yourself indulging in one too many pieces of naan. Try to predict the worst outcome and how you might handle it. Then consider the best possible outcome. Be realistic.


The next step in your PREP is to rationalize your predictions. Your fears about the dreaded holiday weight gain might be unjustified, but setting your goals too high may also prove to be detrimental. Now is the time for a reality check. Rationalizing your predictions doesn’t have to mean failure. For example, if your goal was to fit into a certain pair of jeans, it’s OK to reschedule this goal to 2019. At the same time, you might choose to make exercising three times a week a secondary goal. This may be more realistic during the holidays and it allows you to set your sights on something that’s achievable. Our counselors at the PRO Medical Counseling Center can help you with this.


If you plan to travel over the holidays, your exercise equipment might be limited. You may even lack the willpower to exercise. Add on delicious food and late nights with family members and, before you know it, you’ve gone off track. With all this in mind, you still have the ability to change what happens. Check out the best travel exercise here.

If you meal track, continue doing so. Meet with a PRO Registered Dietitian to discuss healthy (and satisfying) holiday options as well as how to navigate through holiday parties and eating out. Consistency is what produces results.


Practice makes perfect. If you figure out how to handle the holidays, it will only benefit you in the future. Make an appointment with a PRO Personal Trainer for a customized exercise plan you can use anywhere. If you P.R.E.P. during the holidays, it might just empower you to speed up your progress towards your goals in 2019! What if you end up not putting on any weight but, rather, achieve your weight loss goal? Wouldn’t that be a happy holiday? Don’t wait until the new year to start pursuing your goals. P.R.E.P. now!

Written by Kevin Barcarse, Personal Trainer at PRO Club

After losing 53 pounds and successfully defeating obesity, Kevin became passionate about helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. His training style is simple: use exercise as a vehicle to progress the life of anyone he comes across physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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