Tips to Follow When Dining Out Under Phase 2

With restaurants reopening under Washington State’s “Safe Start” phase 2, many people are eager to get back to restaurants and order their favorite foods. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for you to know before you go.

Research. Research. Research.

Before heading straight out to your favorite restaurant, do some research first. Some restaurants may be doing takeout only still, have changed their hours, or they could have a wait list online for you to reserve your spot. Research on their website or on their social media such as Facebook to make sure you know the latest information about their restaurant.

While checking out their website, it’s also a great time to see what kind of precautions they have in place to make sure you are protected. Many restaurants have listed what they are doing to keep both you and their employees safe during this time.

Check out their menu

While you’re doing your research on the restaurant, this is the perfect time to take a look at their menu. Some restaurants may have changed their menu for the time being. Additionally, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan out your meal.

Check out 5 Tips to Follow When Dining Out for more advice on picking healthy meal options when eating out.

Mask up

Don’t forget to bring your mask! Even though you don’t have to wear the mask while eating or drinking at a restaurant, you still are required to wear it while being in common areas such as the waiting area or going to the bathroom. If you feel more comfortable, you could also wear it while at the table before and after your meal. Remember – do what makes you feel comfortable.

Get outside!

If the restaurant you chose has an option for sitting outside, take it. The outside airflow allows for better circulation. Plus you can soak up some sunshine.


Just because you’re in a restaurant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still sanitize or wash your hands like you were at home. Be cautious of touching your mouth, eyes and nose just like if you were out at the grocery store.

Our new motto: when in doubt, wash or sanitize!

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