2 Hallo-Worthy Workout Costumes

Every year, comes a spooky holiday that many gyms turn into a workout event. We know it can be tough to come up with a last-minute costume, so we’re here to help you prepare for your upcoming night-out at the gym.

Take a Step Back in Time to the 80’s

Leotards, headbands and legwarmers… oh my! 

Ladies, this one is for you! This is one of our favorite looks that defines an 80’s workout. Simply look for a leotard and legwarmers online, or in a local dance shop and pair it with a set of brightly-colored leggings or tights.
Added bonus: If you pair it with brightly-colored jewelry or blue eye-shadow you may look like you just stepped out of your favorite 80’s cardio video. 

Looking for something a bit more masculine? 

Easy! Grab a tee of any color (logo’d tees from the 80’s would be the best!) and pair it with a set of gym shorts. Next, grab a pair of high-cut soccer socks from a local athletic shop, a sweatband and wristbands. Finally, tuck your shirt into the shorts. Simple? We think so!

Take Flight as a Superhero

Superheros seem to be popping up everywhere this year. With recent movies hitting the big screen showcasing our favorite comic book characters coming to life, this trend is hard to miss. Even better? Superheros make excellent workout costumes (because, how are you supposed to fly away if your clothes are weighing you down?).

One of our personal favorites? Dress up as Clark Kent.

Head to a local second hand store and buy a suit that fits just right. Next, look online or at a costume shop near you for a Superman-logo tee (we found quite a few online). Then find a cheap pair of glasses from your local costume shop. Put it all together and you are bonafide Clark Kent. You can also put the tee under a white button-up to stay cooler.
Disclaimer: this costume does not guarantee you will actually take flight. 

 Feeling more like WonderWoman?

The question is… how can you not feel like Wonder Woman these days? This costume may seem daunting, but it is easy to make it your own with a few of these tips. To make this costume truly workout-ready, opt for blue leggings rather than a skirt. Grab a pair of inexpensive blue leggings or workout pants online or in a local shop and grab white star stickers or cut-outs from a craft store. Glue them all over the pants and let them dry. From that same craft store, we recommend grabbing some gold material you can cut to put around your waist as a “gold belt” and around your head as a “gold headband.” Finally, grab a red tank or tee and glue the gold “Wonder Woman” logo to the front.
Bonus item: grab some gold rope and tie it to your belt!

We wish you a spooky “Halloworkout” this year!

-Lauren Boriotti

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