Fit at 40 (or Older)

If I were to sum up this blog into one sentence, it would be; CrossFit will help you stay young (along with a healthy nutrition plan).

At 44 years old, I am a true testament to this. CrossFit has given me the ability do things now that I’ve seen many people my age struggle with. The variety of high-intensity, functional movements performed during CrossFit helps me continue to enjoy the activities I partake in outside of the gym like hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. For example,  I  recently competed in the Evergreen Trail Run Series. The winner of the series was 26 years old, the second place finisher was 24 and I finished third at 44.

In all honesty, it’s rare that I actually feel old. At 44, I’m stronger than I’ve been at any other point in my life. I see friends at a similar age to myself post on social media about weight gain, slowing down and medications for their health issues. More often than not I will reach out to them and offer to do a workout or go on a hike. I want them to take control over their health and fitness, just as I’ve found success doing.

CrossFit gives us the opportunity to compete with ourselves and others around us. l’ve enjoyed working out with people who are anywhere from 20 to 60 years old. It’s one of the only sports I’ve known that even though we are a variety of ages, we are on a level playing field.  Anyone and everyone can bring it into their fitness routine – I know I will be doing CrossFit for the rest of my life as part of mine.

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Joshua Fitchit, Senior Director of Fitness Services at PRO Sports Club

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