A fun fall workout you can do anywhere

Here’s a fun FALL workout you can do at home with the family or at PRO Club! 

The P-U-M-P-K-I-N workout

P: 10 Push ups

Starting on the ground: Line thumbs at chest level on ground, elbows should be arrow shaped when lowering (90 degrees is too high and if the elbows scrape the body too low), legs extended OR bent at knee. Inhale as you lower your body toward the ground, exhale as you push the ground away. Option: you can also elevate your body against a wall or a sturdy desk.  

U: 10 “Up + down” squats

Feet should be lined up shoulder width apart. Drop your hips as if you were sitting into a chair while keeping heels glued to the ground. Pause at the bottom and exhale as you stand tall.  Try to keep your torso upright! 

M: 30 second March (AKA high knees)

Standing tall, with your feet shoulder width, lift one knee toward your belly button. Lower the knee and then repeat. Remember to gently place your feet down! Perform this exercise at a pace that feels comfortable to you but gets your breathing and heart rate increased.

P: 30 second Plank

Starting on the ground place your elbows on the ground at chest height then extend your legs. Trying to keep your body as still as possible. Squeeze your rib cage toward your hips to create a more challenging plank! Option: you can also elevate your body against a wall or a sturdy desk, bend at the knee or start with the arms extended.  

K: 10 Kickbacks (straight leg)

Starting on hands and knees, (make sure your shoulders are over your hands and hips are over your knees) you will extend 1 leg straight back, squeezing your glutes while maintaining level hips. For extra sparkle: tuck your toe toward the ground. Pull the leg back to a kneeling position and switch sides. 

I: 5 Inchworms

Standing tall, forward fold your hands to the ground. Walk your hands forward allowing your body to extend into a flat plank. When you have found a plank, slowly walk your feet toward your hands. Take small steps letting your hips slowly rise towards the sky as you feel the back of your legs stretch. 

N: Nintey-second run

Run in place, in a circle, outside, on a treadmill. Just move those feet! Fast. 

Repeat this workout for 3-4 rounds! 

Written by: Ashley Snyder, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer &
ACE Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

Ashley is a Seattle native who graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University. She hopes to inspire those around her to focus on their wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle and sustainable activity. She believes fitness and nutrition are essential to positive self-worth while fulfilling all aspects of your wellness. Exercise should have purpose, be effective, and enjoyable! Ashley developed a strong understanding of the human body.

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