Why Sound Is More Than Just Noise

Have you ever had a song lift you up and improve your mood? This is the basis of Sound Therapy. Sound can lift or lower our mood, our mindset, our sense of well-being, and bring us calm. Indigenous cultures have used Sound Therapy for centuries- through drumming, singing, chanting, clapping, and dancing. Science and medicine are supporting the use of sound  as supplemental therapies for a number of issues, including Cancer, Dementia, PTSD, stress, autism, and Depression. Sound baths are becoming a fast-growing industry experience, where participants find themselves immersed in all different kinds of sound- ranging from gongs, to crystal bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls, chimes, singing- the list is endless. 


All sound is vibration. The core principal of sound healing is that certain frequencies are harmonious to our bodies and other frequencies are disharmonious. Has a song or sound ever jolted you to the core and made you feel instantly irritated? That sound was disharmonious to your body.  Sound therapy uses the healing frequencies to bring our brain and bodies into a relaxed state through the principle of entrainment. Entrainment occurs when our body vibrates at the same frequency of something we are hearing- this can allow us to move from a beta (normal waking) brain wave state into deep alpha (relaxed consciousness) or theta (meditative) brain wave state. 

When you attend a Sound Bath- it is both a participatory and passive experience. You lie in a comfortable position with low lighting, and just let your ears engage in the different sounds they are hearing. Benefits of attending a sound bath include better sleep, deeper relaxation, restored sense of purpose, and a deep sense of well-being.


Join us on Sunday, November 15th from 12:00pm – 2:00pm for a Gentle Yoga and Sound Workshop. Sound and vibration can help the body and nervous system relax. After a gentle yoga practice, be immersed in a sound bath and experience greater clarity and calmness. There will also be a short lecture on the effects of certain sounds and how to incorporate healing sounds in everyday life whenever possible.

Price: $40 per workshop or register for our Holiday Yoga Series and attend all four workshops – Gentle Yoga and Sound Bath Workshop, Meditation for Beginners, Restorative Yoga for Sleep, and Winter Solstice Yoga for $120 ($30 per workshop).


  1. Visit Studio Bookings.
  2. Create a new account (if you don’t have one already)
  3. Log into account.
  4. Go to Store
  5. Purchase either a single Workshop or all 4
  6. Single Workshop for $40 using the “Single Specialty Workshop Purchase”
  7. Purchase all 4 for $30 each at $120 using the “Yoga Holiday Workshop Series Bundle”
  8. Go to Calendar
  9. Click on Workshop you want to take and book!

Written by: Megan Grey, Group Fitness Instructor at PRO Club

Megan has been teaching Group Fitness for the past 10 years. She brings energy, enthusiasm, athleticism, and a playful to spirit to every class she teaches. Megan believes group fitness is a fantastic way to stay motivated and keep the body and mind functioning at peak performance.

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