Progress, Not Perfection

Even the best intentions can go astray. It’s easy to get caught up in setting unrealistic wellness goals for yourself, only to be frustrated and disappointed when you fail to achieve them. The key is to find a program that’s sustainable for a lifetime and one that you can follow one day at a time. It’s also helpful to have some expert guidance to help you set realistic goals, along with a plan to achieve them.

I often tell my clients, “Aim for progress, not perfection.”

One of my favorite acronyms that helps as a reminder is H.A.L.T (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired). My client, Raj Varma, who is currently going through the 20/20 LifeStyles program, is a great example of this.


Tracking how and what you fuel your body with is 90 percent of your journey.

Raj: Being a vegetarian for all my life, and now being vegan for over three years, I was initially skeptical about joining 20/20 LifeStyles. However, after talking with the program coordinator, I realized that the program was something I could consider. With the help of my PRO Registered Dietitian, Shelly, I’m learning to plan meals proactively. She always offers solutions and provides vegan options that help me continue making progress and are sustainable for life.


How do you manage stress? Becoming mindful and learning how to control your breath can have an acute effect on your physiology and overall sense of calm.

Raj: I used to feel very cold and get angry. This has changed significantly. I complain less about the Seattle weather. Overall, it makes me happier every day to see small, positive changes. I agree with my PRO Personal Trainer, James, that setting the intention for being mindful about your health is a lifelong journey. There isn’t a destination to reach. Staying teachable to learn anything new has made a positive impact on my life!


Do you feel connected? This is an essential part of realizing your goals. Surround yourself with like-minded people with similar goals and experts who can help you realize them. At PRO Club, you are part of a community that cultivates an energy of health and well-being.

Raj: I can’t thank PRO Club enough for creating such a great program. Over the last four weeks, I’ve been discovering my new self through the process of this journey. Along with a highly capable and dynamic team of PRO health and wellness experts who help you though this program, the key people in my journey have been my PRO Registered Dietitian and PRO Personal Trainer. They are the best!


Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. The quality and amount of sleep you get has a huge impact on your recovery, performance, mood, stress, and nutrition.

Raj: Due to the regular range of moderate to high-intensity exercises, I feel a significant change in my body. I feel stronger. My amazing trainer, James, constantly emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in his training approach. I’ve learned so many techniques from him which I didn’t know before and can use even while traveling to keep moving! It’s such a delight to work with him and I always look forward to our conversations about being healthier in mind, body, and spirit. I’m continually realizing that there are muscles in all parts of my body! And, as James often reminds me, “If there’s a muscle in there, we’ll find it.”

Like Raj, I encourage you to focus on trusting the lifelong process of making healthy changes towards achieving your fitness goals. Be patient and kind to yourself, celebrate the small victories, and keep moving forward. This is not a race and remember, “Progress, not perfection!”

Written by James Terry, PRO Personal Trainer

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, James harnesses a wide range of disciplines to create fitness programs to inspire and empower his clients. He’s a fierce Spartan Obstacle course competitor and aspiring Ninja Warrior, and is passionate about helping others realize their true potential.

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