Keeping It Off: 4 Weight Loss Maintenance Tips

Congratulations, you’ve achieved your weight loss goals! It might feel like the hard part is over, but losing weight is about more than just watching the number on the scale drop; it’s about making overall lifestyle changes and committing to your health journey wholeheartedly. You not only need to be involved in a comprehensive fitness program, but you need to be eating better and eating right. When it comes to weight loss maintenance, here are a few ways you can ensure the weight stays off.

  • Don’t skip meals. Studies have shown that skipping meals and not eating enough can actually slow your metabolism down, making it harder for you to maintain your current weight. It also increases your odds of overeating later; if you wait all day to indulge in a meal, you’ll end up so hungry that you don’t stop when you’re full.
  • Keep a health journal. Keeping track of everything that you eat or drink can help you commit to your health and nutritional goals. Be honest and accurate; the journal will help you see when you’re going for higher-calorie, less nutritious foods so you can pay more attention and make adjustments.
  • Stay committed to a healthy diet. Make sure you’re eating a variety of foods and getting all the nutrients you need. If you’ve never been good with cooking, you can consult a nutritionist to design a customized meal plan that will help you stay on track in a manageable and enjoyable way.
  • Be active. Exercise should not stop after you’ve shed those pounds. In fact, because it plays such a major role in keeping the weight off, it should be built into your daily routine; whether you go for a walk every morning or hit the gym every evening, you must be engaging in some form of physical activity.

Did you know that approximately 54% of Americans are currently trying to reduce their weight? You’ve made it this far and gotten over the exercise hump; as long as you’re able to stay focused on the long-term goal, you’ll truly be able to transform your life. The above weight loss maintenance tips can keep your eyes trained solely on the prize: a healthier, happier you.

By Dr. Mark Dedomenico

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