20/20 LifeStyles Weight Loss and Workout Plan: Created to Match Your Genetic Code

If you are looking to lose a significant amount of weight, you probably already know all of the reasons to do so. Fat loss helps decrease blood pressure, reduces the risk for heart disease, and boosts your mood. We could go on and on. Regardless of your motivations for workouts, the fact is workouts don’t always work out.

Do you have that friend who seems to be able to lose weight effortlessly? They can simply pick up a tennis racket and BOOM! Five pounds gone! What is it that makes the difference between them and you?

Cracking the Metabolic Code

Currently, 50% of Americans say that they are unsuccessful at losing weight because they believe they don’t have enough disciple. While this may be true for some people, we think that to lose weight, it requires more than just discipline. It can require some special knowledge, as well. Each person has a very different metabolic code. Your metabolic code is in part determined by your genetics and part determined by your lifestyle, and so it can be changed.

Having a nutritionist and personal health coach can help you understand what your biology wants and needs in order to have successful workouts and maintain a healthy weight. 20/20 LifeStyles has nutritionists and personal health coaches that create custom meal and workout plans that help you work with your body rather than fight against it. Let’s face it, not everyone loves swimming or weight lifting or running. However, there are going to be certain activities that your body does love (or will learn to love) doing. Additionally, not everyone will have the same dietary needs. 20/20 LifeStyles is about creating a lifestyle. No more yo-yo dieting with impossible-to-maintain diets. We are going to help coach you through some habitual lifestyle changes with your workouts, eating habits, and mental habits around health and fitness.

Workouts that Work Out

Have you ever had a massive burst of motivation to lose 20lbs, decided to hire a personal trainer, and went the first couple of times only to feel like you were going to die afterward? Waking up the next day so sore that you cannot move a muscle is not fun — and it is also not productive to your goals. 20/20 LifeStyle coaches will help you start where you are and work up to workouts that work for you.

Using a traditional weight loss program, you might have the discipline to stick to it for two or three months, which is incredible. With a workout and weight loss program, not only will we help you on this incredible health journey, but we will also set you up for success in the future. Remember, you aren’t just “losing 20 pounds,” you are on a life-altering journey and by the end of it, you will enjoy your workouts, love to eat healthy, and enjoy your new lifestyle.

Join us today in creating a new life for you.

By Dr. Mark Dedomenico

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